About computer commands

In IT industry you have to learn almost every day new things if you don't want to be behind the others whatever your background is. Yes, this is true.

Welcome to the IT World, the world that changes every day.

Nowadays computers are used for a wide range of tasks from simple arithmetic calculations to very complex simulations used in fields like quantum mechanics, medical science, molecular modeling, astrophysics Etc. but every computer user on the planet is familiar and using everyday the global system of interconnected computers, the INTERNET. Every IT professional, developer, computer amateur, designers Etc. search on Internet for resources and tutorials regarding computers or related contents.

This website is one of them, a good source of informations, tutorials about computer commands and simple practical IT tasks. Our goal is to help the IT professionals, developers and anyone else around the world by sharing our knowledge in form of simple tutorials.

We hope you enjoy our tutorials and you are welcomed to contact us in order to enrich the content and website quality.